Windmill Blade Primer-topcoat Guide Formulation



Windmill Blade Primer-topcoat Guide Formulation
Curing method Air Dry
Application Fiberglass substrate windmill blade topcoat
Characters High solid, low VOC, fast cure, good flexibility, good elongation and tensile strength, high impact resistance, good weather resistance, good flexibility in low temperature.
A component   B component
Material Content Supplier Process Material Content Supplier
F524 20 Feiyang Grind to fineness≤30um Tolonate HDT 15 Vencorex
AC2103 20 worthchem GB905A-85 50 Feiyang
dispersing agent 0.5 worthchem N-butyl acetate 34.5 CA
titanium dioxide 30 CA Water absorbant 0.5 CA
barium sulfate 7.5 CA      
anti-setting agent 1.4 CA      
matting powder 6.5 CA      
PMA 6 CA      
N-butyl acetate 6 CA      
1130 1 CA      
292 0.5 CA      
Defoamer 0.4 CA      
Leveling agent 0.2 CA      
Total 100     Total 100  
Ratio: 2:1 by quantity
Specifications(23℃,50%RH)   Remarks
Pot life 60m F524 can be replaced by F420, ratio of A and B need to adjust according to the equivalent weight. F524 equivalantweight is 330. F420 is 277.
TVOC, g/L ≤360
Touch dry time 1h
Hard dry time 4h
Hardness B
Elongation 150%
Adhesion,MPa ≥12
QUVB 3000h
wear value CS17, 500g500r,mg 15
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